In 2017, the Russian venture capital market showed positive growth for the first time over the five past years: the significant outflow of funds from the market stopped, and the number of new funds continued to increase. The total capital volume of existing venture capital market also grew.



The average amount of investment has stabilized and ranges from 0.6 to 0.8 USD million
Key Indicators in the Russian Venture capital market




Active VC Funds

Volume of VC funds, USD mln 3,834 3,781 4,071
Number of VC funds 183 177 194

VC funds’ industry preferences, %

Information and communication technologies 51.4 53.4 53.4
Mixed 33.9 33.5 33.5
Real 14.8 13.1 13.1

Volume of VC funds by fund type, %

Volume of VC funds with government-share 28 24 22
Volume of private VC funds 72 76 78
Volume of corporate VC funds 11 11 13
Volume of seed VC funds 11 11 11

Distribution of VC investments by sector, %

Information and communication technologies 77 77 58
Biotechnologies 15 9 7
Industrial technologies 5 8 22
Other 3 6 13
RVCA yearbook 2017: VC-market-review-ru.pdf

Development Outlook

Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, in cooperation with RVC, is currently working on a venture capital market development strategy that is to be submitted to the Government of the Russian Federation by the end of 2018. The vision for the strategy was largely the result of the dialogue that took place among 250 experts and investors invited by RVC to take part IV annual forum Ecosystem of Innovations.